EMC OE Upgrade – complex with complex passwords

Last week I did an OE upgrade on an EMC VNX2 Series SAN. 

All pre-checks passed, new files downloaded, ready to go right? No. 

Go to proceed to start the upgrade with my domain admin user via LDAP, and can’t proceed due to “Insufficient CLI Permissions”. Weird. Never mind, I’ll log back in with the root/sysadmin user. 

Hold on, that doesn’t have permission either? Knowing full well I can log in manually if needed, so why won’t the upgrade work?

Turns out that if you have complex passwords with special characters, the upgrade bombs out with an error. 

Quick work around is make a local admin user for the upgrade with a simple password and use that and delete it when done. Not ideal but it works I guess. 

I know it’s not only EMC products that let you set a password with special characters and complexity, then break login due to “invalid” characters. Why do vendors allow this to happen in their software? 

Better than another vendor that allows long passwords but only stores the first 8 characters…