NVMe PCIe – Holy Fast!

So we got some new Dell M630 Kit to Virtualise SQL.

One of the briefs was to match the performance of the existing physical hardware. While this was not too challenging CPU/RAM wise as the existing kit was 5 years old.

What was interesting was the existing PCI-E Fusion I/O cards in the Dell M610X’s we had. Dell no longer offer a “full height” blade to facilitate the PCI-E cards anymore. Instead they offered us their new NVMe PCIe SSD Cards, at 1.6TB each, theyre certainly not lacking in space.

What is not lacking either is performance. Holy hell these things are fast! While i have only had them for 2 days and limited testing, based on SQL-IO testing done between the two systems, the NVMe drives are approximately twice as fast for 8K Rand RE/RW, and 3 times faster for 64 Seq RE/RW!